TAYR Quarterly Journal (ISSN 2382-2872; Impact Factor 1.533 (2018); https://doi.org/10.31561/2014tq ) is a scientific journal that publishes scientific research in English Language Literature, Civilization, and Culture Studies conducted by researchers all around the world. Papers published are reviewed by a committee of specialized researchers. TAYR Quarterly is free and open access to all readers. TAYR Quarterly is indexed in The Linguist List, Crossref, International indexing services (ISI) and Scientific Indexing Services (SIS). TAYR Quarterly Impact Factor Value based on International Citation Report (ICR) for the year 2018 is 1.533.

TAYR Quarterly (TQ), a professional journal, encourages submission of previously unpublished articles on topics of significance to individuals concerned with English language teaching, learning, and research. It is a multidisciplinary journal covering, Linguistics, Literature, and culture studies.

Starting from March 2020 and in order to preserve regularity in publication, the journal will publish articles upon readiness instead of per issue.

TAYR Quarterly Journal is indexed in:

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