What is TAYR

TAYR is the abbreviation of Tunisian Association of Young Researchers. It is an association first formed as a group on facebook and now it is evolving in terms of members, website content, and scope.

TAYR mission


The Tunisian Association of Young Researchers (TAYR) is a non-profitable students’ association for all Tunisian researchers who are actively involved in the development of research in English and with English in Tunisia.

The objectives of the association are to:


• provide a professional opportunity for discussing and debating issues related to scientific research in English,


• to foster academic research through conferences, seminars, and publications;


• provide opportunities for networking and professional development between researchers and ELT professionals through workshops, study days, and lectures to the members of the association and the community at-large keeping them up-to-date with the latest developments in the field of academic research


• encourage the development of research relevant to teaching / learning of English


• to disseminate academic research outcomes and practices and to upgrade research quality


• provide opportunities for professional service and leadership development within scientific research community,


• encourage researchers to cooperate and exchange ELT resources, knowledge, and expertise.


• contribute to the continuous improvement of standards of research.


• Enhance national and international cooperation with organizations interested in promoting English as a research tool.




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